24th Annual production sale is on the the 11th of July 2024

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Our Story

Our business is run by George and Donuil Shawe, their son in-laws Barend Koekemoer and Lenard Küsel, and their daughter Kelly Koekemoer. Our multi-faceted business is comprised of three main areas; a commercial breeding herd, a commercial feedlot and 500 hectares of crops under irrigation. Within our commercial herd we mate 1 800 cows. The female calves are integrated back into the breeding herd and the 600 male calves go through the veld bull test from which we select 150 bull calves. Over the next 2 years these 150 bull calves undergo various tests to ensure that the 80 most fertile, hardy, good quality bulls are selected to go on Auction. After our pregnancy testing, where we average 90 percent, the excess pregnant females are sold on auction. A testimony to the fertility of our herd is the fact that each year we consistently offer 250 – 300 pregnant females on our auction. Our commercial feedlot consists of 1 400 cattle, some of which we take off the farm and some are bought in. We sell 43 fat A grade animals to local butcheries weekly. We plant 500 hectares of crops, a rotation of maize, soya’s and wheat, most of which is under irrigation.

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Where it all began

Our History

Lionel Shawe bought the Farm Grasveld in 1948, consisting of 1 500 hectares. His son George (Snr) took over the farm in 1950 at the age of 18 when his father was tragically killed in an accident. He started farming with sheep and dairy cattle, later he and his brother Hubert moved onto a Brahman Simmentaler, Angus three way cross.

In 1991 George (Snr) and Hubert went their separate ways and George’s son George (Jnr) joined him. George (Jnr) slowly started introducing Beefmaster Bulls as they had 50% Indicus and were suited to our harsh conditions.

Our first annual production sale was held in 2000 where we had 20 3-year-old Beefmaster Type bulls and 50 females on offer.

Today we farm on 10 000 hectares – of which 6 400 is owned and the balance is leased, and we sell approximately 80 bulls and 250 – 300 females annually.

George (Snr) passed away in 2016 at the age of 84, with his farm boots on, after 66 years of farming. George (Jnr) ran the business on his own until he was joined by his daughter Kelly and her husband Barend in 2020, and his daughter Samantha and her husband Lenard in 2022. George is delighted to be able to continue his father’s legacy.